Twin Trend Trading

+++ A Dual Chart, Trend Based, Manual, Forex Trading System +++

Developed by Terry Sneller

This is a rather simple to use and yet powerful, manual (not yet automated), Forex trading system that is primarily trend oriented. The most valuable aspect of this system is its ability to visually help the trader rapidly gain confidence in determining when to enter and exit a winning trade -- through simultaneous macro and micro trend analysis.

I have, over the years, extracted and compiled this concept from several other systems. I'm not going to attempt to "WOW!" you with my personal history or trade results -- as many online hucksters currently attempt to project. I must also state that my intention is to neither encourage nor discourage you, but rather to simply provide, for your examination, the essence of my Twin Trend oriented system ... a system that I struggle to keep as simple and intuitive as possible.

It should be understood that Forex trading can be a fast, complex, confusing, and expensive -- but VERY rewarding -- market to trade. So, rather than provide details here on Forex trading (Like broker selection, my template, tactics, installation instructions, settings, costs, stops, Fundamental News events, timeframes, pairs, support/resistance levels, money/risk management, systems requirements, etc.), I'm going to just barely describe how I use these trading tools, which are part of a broader system and if, rather than figure out the details yourself, you want to learn more -- then email me (see below).

++ Dual Trending Charts With Different Timeframes And Customized Indicators ++

"Trade the trend," "The trend is your friend," Don't buck the trend," are all common phrases that Trend Traders have often heard. However, exactly what does that mean, in reality? Are we talking about the MN (monthly) trend or the M1 (one minute) trend? How about when the H1 (one hour) price trend is going north and the M5 (five minute) trend is heading south. Which trend do you trade? The core answer resides in being able to continually monitor and keep in relative perspective both the macro and micro movements of price.

By using multiple charts of the same currency pair but with different timeframes -- in order to simultaneously monitor the price changes in longer and shorter trends -- the attentive trader can more readily anticipate and profit from trend changes. For example, while the trend on the D1 chart is going Long, the trader only executes Long trades on the M5 or M15 charts after the other charts between the D1 and/or M15 comply. Vice-versa for Short trends.

Below is a screenshot of a single currency pair (EURUSD) with two charts of different timeframes (M5 & D1) -- each with two uniquely configured Moving Average lines, a non-lag Moving Average indicator, Trailingator_2, and an AO oscillator. By monitoring the timeframes between these two timeframes, a trader can visually identify trade setups as well as determine the best times to enter and exit trades -- as shown in this example. The true key to this system involves converting the M5 trend into Buy/Sell actions -- relative to the D1 trend ... and in the process, developing controlled emotional patience!

My primary reason for developing this webpage, is to provide an overview of what I do for my family and friends. However, if you are interested in further exploration of the broader aspects I've developed with my TTT System -- as well as receiving free copies of my MT4 template, some free indicators and/or a very basic manual -- then contact me: FX (at) cloudbyteconsulting (dot) com.

BTW, if you are you looking for a list of reliable brokers, check out this excellent rebating system:

Also, since I am a Mac Consultant, I proudly trade on the MetaTrader4 Platform using a Mac. Should you have an Intel based Mac and wish to replicate my trading environment, contact me to find out how to load MT4 on a Mac using the free Wine software.

Last updated: 17-08